DevForce Universal

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DevForce Universal

Bài gửi by passreturn on 05/05/10, 08:22 pm

cái này vừa là phần mềm, vừa giới thiệu công nghệ mới luôn.

DevForce Universal allows you to reach any user, anywhere, with our tools and infrastructure for building desktop, Silverlight, and Web applications for Silverlight, WPF, WinForms, and ASP.NET.

One Install, Multiple Client Technologies

Develop and deploy your applications to support all the .NET client technologies through a single install. This makes it easy to standardize your development environment onto one framework and enables developers to move seamlessly across projects.

One Domain Model
Enables all client technologies to work with a shared domain model making it is easy for you to develop, test, and deploy your applications across different client types
because of code reuse.

Future Proof
Protect your investment against future changes and introduction of new technologies. Whether it’s WPF and Silverlight today and Windows Phone 7 and Azure tomorrow, DevForce protects you against the Microsoft winds of change.

Explore What's Inside
DevForce Platform

Which DevForce is right for you?
Building a WPF or WinForms RIA?DevForce WinClient
Building a Silverlight RIA?DevForce Silverlight
Need RIA Services support for all .NET client technologies?DevForce Universal
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